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Let me introduce myself. I'm Muhammad Farih Fanani, I like writing and photography. My current profession is a teacher at a private school in Yogyakarta.

I was born in Lamongan, and now live in Yogyakarta. You can contact me via the following link, Contact.

My articles have been published in several Indonesian online media. Such as Detik, Terminal Mojok, Kumparan, and Alif.

You can access all my articles through this blog. I will direct you to open the link and go to the page you are going to. 

Detik - Detik gives me the space to write argumentative articles with strong ideas.

Medium - Medium is my personal blog which I fill with critical writings.

Terminal Mojok - Terminal Mojok contains my articles on social issues that are packaged lightly and slightly mischievously.

Kumparan - Kumparan contains my informative and argumentative articles.

Alif - Alif is a media that contains articles on the theme of Islam.

On my social media, you can follow me on Instagram, and download all my pictures on Pinterest. But, don't forget to follow!


By Muhammad Farih Fanani